By Andrew R Dale
Lighthouse - Gloriette, Piazza & Fountain.
Portmeirion is the realisation of Clough Williams-Ellis’ dream to create an Italian-style village in North Wales. It enjoys mild weather and is home to many species of plants unable to survive elsewhere in the UK. Popular as a holiday destination, Portmeirion shot to fame in the 1960s in the television series starring Patrick McGoohan, The Prisoner, and more recently featured in Cold Feet.
Portmeirion has fascinated me for many years having first seen it as 'The Village' on the 1960 cult TV series 'The Prisoner' staring Patrick McGoohan. I didn't realise that the Village actualy existed until seeing a documentary on the TV series some years ago.
Battery Square - Town Hall & Hercules.
I've now visited Portmeirion several times staying at the Portmeirion Hotel aka 'Old Peoples Home' and a cottage in 'The Village'. For anyone planning to visit Portmeirion I would highly recommend staying at the Hotel as it has stunning views of the estuary and surrounding area also you have unlimited access to the village for free. The rooms are very nicely laid out, the restaurant is excellent but you need to book early. I've spent enjoyable evenings in front of the hotel’s grand fireplace drinking cognac, smoking cigars and chatting to guests about there experiences in the village. Castell Deudraeth aka 'The Hospital' is also a fine Hotel and Restaurant but is situated a little outside the village.
Hotel & Quayside - Bristol Colonnade.
The pictures were taken by Andrew R Dale in February 2004 using the Olympus Camedia C-5050 Zoom 5.1 Megapixel F1.8 Digital Camera and published as a website using Dreamwaver 8.
 & Observatory Tower - Castell Deudraeth.

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